Product warranty

Product warranty


The products are guaranteed under law 1480 of 2011, of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia, according to the time stipulated by the law. Products are guaranteed by EPI S.A.S


  • It only has coverage for manufacturing defects and product quality.
  • It is important to read label information and user guides before using any product.
  • Once the request is done, E.P.I. S.A.S. has 15 working days to respond to the customer.
  • To validate the warranty, the equipment must be sent to our headquarters in Cali at the address 15 # 52-66 (E.P.I. will not assume shipping costs), in case the warranty is not approved, the customer has one month to collect the equipment, otherwise the team will be carried out the final disposition process.
  • The warranty coverage period is one month for plastic products from the date of purchase of the final consumer.
  • The coverage period for work at heights equipment warranties is 6 months from the date of purchase of the final consumer.
  • Within the warranty period, any defects that the product presents will be corrected repair and/or replacement of parts will be performed.
  • Depending on the evaluation, the product can be replaced with a new product.
  • The company is not responsible for any products that have been repaired outside our facilities.


  • If it presents contamination with paint or it is frayed or worn by external elements.
  •  Lack of any of the labels due to being torn off or illegibility of them by use.
  • Damage on metal parts such as breaks, sharp edges, deformation, corrosion, chemical attack, alteration and abusive use.
  • Damage on the textile parts produced by excessive elongation, chemical attack, sulfating, excessive dirt, abrasion, alteration, excessive lubrication and abusive use.
  • Work at heights equipment that do not have the inspection sheet duly recorded.

To access the warranty you must:

  1. Present the purchase invoice or invoice number of the product.
  2. Submit a written application with photographic evidence of nonconformity.
  3. If it is work at heights equipment, it must present inspection sheet with the batch number.